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Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

What is an ECDP?

Early Childhood Development Programs (ECDPs) provides targeted, multidisciplinary education programs and services for children aged 0-5 years with suspected or diagnosed disability prior to their enrolment in Prep. Beaudesert ECDP offer a centre-based service located at Beaudesert State School.  All services are free.  The program offers intensive planned teaching for children with a disability in a group setting. When the children reach their Prep year, they are supported in their transition to their local or special school setting.

Guidelines for Eligibility to Access

To be eligible for an ECDP, children are required to have a diagnosed impairment in the area of hearing impairment, or diagnosis in (or a suspicion of a diagnosis in) autism spectrum disorder, intellectual impairment, physical impairment, speech-language impairment or vision impairment by a recognised professional. 

Impairment AreaRecognised Professional
Autism Spectrum DisorderPaediatrician, psychiatrist, neurologist, or psychologist with practice endorsement in clinical psychology, educational and developmental psychology or neuropsychology
Hearing ImpairmentAudiologist or otolaryngologist
Intellectual DisabilityRegistered medical specialist e.g. paediatrician, neurologist, geneticist or psychologist or guidance officer
Physical ImpairmentRegistered medical specialist e.g. paediatrician, neurologist, orthopaedic surgeon, geneticist, rheumatologist
Speech-Language ImpairmentSpeech pathologist
Vision ImpairmentA registered ophthalmologist, or in cases of cerebral vision impairment a registered paediatrician or neurologist or for a suspicion of an impairment an allied health or health professional.


An Application for Enrolment must be completed with the Head of Special Education Services from Beaudesert State School.

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Information for Early Years Education Institutions

ECDPs may offer outreach support for children 0-3 years or children 3-5 years.  This outreach support may occur in addition to or as a preferred alternative to centre-based support.

For children aged 3-5 years, outreach support would generally occur in the child's educational setting such as a kindergarten. The focus of outreach support is to develop parent/carer or teacher confidence and competence in providing opportunities that promote the child's learning. It may include support for planning, curriculum delivery and environmental adjustments.


Student Support Services

Inclusive Education Policy

Students enrolled in Queensland state schools come from diverse social, cultural, geographic and family backgrounds, are of many identities, and of all abilities. Beaudesert State School is committed to students experiencing inclusive education when they can access and fully participate in learning, alongside their similar-aged peers, supported by reasonable adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs.

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Every Student with a Disability Succeeding

Success and wellbeing for all children and students through each stage of learning in an inclusive education system.

The Every Student Succeeding—State Schools Improvement Strategy 2020–2024 is Queensland's plan to lift the performance of each child and student in our state schooling system.

Every student succeeding—means that every single child and student can access a world-class education.

Every student succeeding—means that our focus is on child and student needs.

Every student succeeding—means that we talk about success: success at learning and success also in terms of wellbeing.


Student Support Services Team

The Student Support Services Team meet weekly to discuss students referred by classroom teachers.  The team consists of the Head of Special Education Services, Guidance Officer, Head of Curriculum, Behaviour Advisory Teacher, and Deputy Principal. Parents are consulted in regard to concerns and adjustments for their child, and informed of booking date.  Class teachers discuss actions with parents after the meeting has occurred.

Meeting actions may include:

  • Access to Reading Intervention programming
  • State Schooling Nurse referral
  • Speech / Language Pathologist referral for assessment
  • Behaviour Advisory Teacher referral and Individual Behaviour Support Plan
  • Referral to Guidance Officer
  • Referral to Chaplain
  • Contact with outside agencies



Fun, free play and learn sessions for 3-year-olds and their families

KindyLinQ is a play-based program that families living in identified locations can attend in the year before their child goes to kindergarten. 

The program provides a safe, welcoming space for families to stay with their 3-year-old child and participate in fun early learning experiences together.

KindyLinQ is led by a qualified teacher and early years support coordinator for a minimum of 6 hours a week across 2 or 3 days.

Beaudesert State School currently runs KindyLinQ sessions every Wednesday and Thursday from 9am -12pm

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Benefits for children and families

KindyLinQ enables young children to play, explore, sing, create and socialise with their parents, other children and experienced staff in a safe space.

The program also offers guidance for families about how to support their child’s learning and development at home.

Parents and carers play the most significant role in establishing the environment children need to support optimal development and learning, and they will attend each session with their child.

Learning through play

KindyLinQ is based on a facilitated playgroup model. It is about children learning through hands-on experiences with the support and guidance of a caring adult. Children will learn skills that will support them now and in later learning including socialising, managing their emotions and developing language skills to ensure they can effectively communicate their ideas and needs.

The program is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework and is separated from the curriculum expectations of school-age children. KindyLinQ also assists in connecting families with approved kindergarten providers.

Contact the school office for more information 0755 401111 or email

Last reviewed 01 April 2021
Last updated 01 April 2021